Hello and welcome! I’m not sure why I started this website, whether I’ll be any good at this blogging malarkey, or whether there will be anything of note to write and share…..?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained So let’s see what happens and where this journey takes us!

I am married to David and we have been together for over 15 years. My personal passions are Yoga, holistic health  especially the power of reiki and reflexology to get balance in your life. Along with travelling and food.  I love the South of France and have plans to buy a house down there. Spending time with family and friends creating memories. Laughing long, loud and hard and not taking things too seriously, or personally.  Check your ego at the door. My prediction is that this website will be mainly filled with all things holistic and Yoga and a lot of laughs.

Thanks for dropping by, I  hope you enjoy my posts




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