The sixth chakra, Ajna, is in the area of the third eye, which is found in the space between the eyebrows. It encompasses the pituitary gland, eyes, head, and lower part of the brain. An invisible yet powerful third eye, this is your center of intuition. A spiritual chakra, which means “beyond wisdom,” Ajna leads you to an inner knowledge that will guide you if you let it. An open sixth chakra can enable clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, and visualization.

The Sixth Sense – (Not just a film with Bruce Willis)

When you were in the womb, you heard noises like your mother’s voice and heartbeat and listened to muffled sounds outside. You experienced touch, taste, and even perceived light. The default mechanism as a “human doing”, as opposed to a “human being”, is to attribute all that you experience to that which you perceive through the 5 main senses.

As I touched on in my discussion on “What is Prana?” we have lost touch with connecting with that intangible sense, we no longer connect with the energy around us for information and advice.  Animals haven’t they use all 6 of their senses, and there is an argument to say that they use and trust their sixth sense the most out of all of them.  Have you ever witnessed a dog sit at the front door and then 10 minutes later their owner walks in?  Some would argue that the dog knows the owners routine and heard the car, I say there is an argument to explore the animal’s connection with Prana and sixth sense.  Just like birds can sense when a tsunami might hit, or squirrels know when it’s time to gather food for the winter, humans too have an intuitive sense. We’ve simply lost touch with it as well as our ability to trust in it.

Feel your way and Open your mind

Have you ever had the feeling that something wasn’t quite right? Maybe you’ve been invited out by friends and “everyone” says it’s going to be a great night, but you’re not too sure. You put this feeling down to maybe being tired and the party isn’t until Friday night, so by then you probably could do with the time out.  The evening draws closer and you still have niggling doubts, but not wanting to be a party pooper or a no show again you go on out with your friends. What happens? The restaurant doesn’t have your reservation, the food is lousy and to top it all off two of your friends have a row over the bill, in short, you can’t wait to get home into your pj’s, and actually wish that you had trusted your gut instincts and done that all along.  Now there is an argument to say that you brought that evening onto yourself through the law of attraction, however, your initial gut reaction at the beginning of the week gave you the signs on a very subtle level, your sense detected something wasn’t right and gave you a cue that you doubted.

We receive clues through our senses, but when something isn’t visible there is a tendency to ignore it. There is another way, you can learn to trust these clues and make better decisions based on your intuitive sense.  Start writing a journal and documenting when your decisions turn out right. This will reinforce that your intuition guided you in the right direction. Tune in and find your animal instinct, your sixth sense again.

Know and trust your inner guide

You have always been used to deferring to your mind, intellect and ego, you are now bringing your inner soul, your essence into the mix for when it comes to your decision-making process. Tune your ego out and turn off the monkey chattering mind and tune into your internal true inner wisdom. We have already discovered how you can harness the power of your Third Chakra, your solar plexus and are more attuned  to your gut feeling, now through connecting with your sixth sense you are supercharging this connection in enabling you to make the right choices for your greatest and highest good.


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