The seventh chakra, Sahaswara, is referred to as the thousand-petal lotus chakra. This is the top chakra of the seven and located at the crown of the head. Sahaswara is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to all that is. It is a connection to our higher selves, to every being on the planet, and ultimately the divine energy that creates everything in the universe.

You are the wind, the water, the plants the animals. You are reborn again like a newborn baby. You are the Universe and the universe is you.


Where there’s muck there’s brass

The lotus flower is a symbol in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. And it is said that when we reach our highest spiritual potential we open like a thousand petalled lotus flower. Lotus flowers thrive in waters that are murky and muddy, not crisp clear glass like ponds.  So it is fitting that this flower is the symbol of the peak of our journey in this body as we embark on our journey to a higher state of consciousness.  We often come to yoga with a lack of clarity and confusion and may feel bogged down in the darkness where we can see no light at the end of the tunnel.  Through practising our Asanas and Pranayama and the wealth of all the other nourishing behaviours that contribute to unblocking our chakras, both spiritual and physical we can emerge radiant and beautiful in environments that may not have changed, yet we have.

Attainable Beauty

You may think that it is all very well for me to suggest that we can all reach this level of beauty, stillness, and oneness with the world, but how does a “normal joe” going about his daily business of work, family, “life” ever hope to reach the same levels as monks, priests and gurus who spend their whole lives working towards this goal.  How can you reach Sahaswara when you’re stuck in a traffic jam for hours on your daily commute?

True, we have the demands of daily living and the busy minds that accompany these demands. Reaching enlightenment is not as far off as it first may seem. I touched on previously about working with an attitude of gratitude, once you bring this into your daily life and notice that you are appreciating and grateful for the small things, then the small things become the big things. You have simply then become aware and focused on the now. That one point that is neither in front or behind but now. Seem a bit far fetched? Think about this? Have you ever felt unconditional love for someone or an animal? Have you ever experienced a miracle?

Taking time out to sit in stillness and silence, prayer or meditation help lead you to moments of increased spiritual connection. In fact, many say that these are the only ways to reach increased spiritual connection. Meditation, prayer, and silence are your studies to obtain a spiritual degree.

Once you make silence, stillness and prayer or meditation a daily practice to connect you to the universal consciousness you will begin to see the world with new eyes. You will naturally have more gratitude and unconditional love, compassion and empathy will flow easily and you will be quicker to forgive and show humility. In short, you will be releasing and letting go of ego. Life will become about others and how you can help and serve them, for as already discussed. Giving is better than receiving and when we give and serve others we are ultimately giving to and nourishing ourselves.

Silence is the most powerful and important way to opening the seventh chakra.

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